SCPA In Memoriam

With sincere affection, we remember our classmates, teachers, staff, parents, and friends who have passed away since 1973. We request and would sincerely appreciate the names and graduation year or school position of any of our family for whom we have had no prior knowledge of their passing. Please submit that information to Inevitably, this list will grow and we will continue to depend on our readers to submit that information.

We Remember Students & Alumni

Name Year
Adam Degenhardt
Addie Swain1991
Adrienne Armstead2012
Allan Cook1999
Amy Phillips1994
Andre Lige1983
Andrea Welton1981
Arlan Buckner2001
Ashley Broadnax2003
Blanton Holley1982
Brandon Walls1998
Brian Braun1991
Bryana Gordon2011
Calvin Landers1990
Candi Moore2014
Cassandra Betts1993
Cedric Allen1985
Chris Stone1983
Christine Vanskee Copeland1997
Chris Wessler1994
Claudia Sloan1994
Dawn E. Figgs1989
Deborah Blumenthal1991
Dionne Cook1983
Dominique Phillips
Elizabeth Scribner1980 or 1981
Elizabeth Somogyi1986
Emily Baurnet1979
Esme Kenney2014
Freddie Powell1985
Gregory Jackson1992
Guy Lumpkin (Askia Tyehimba)1982
Helen Bean1990
James Norman1985
Jared Chesser2000
Jeff Thomas1998
Jesse Walters1986
Jessica White-Martinez2005
Jim Campbell1979 or 1980
Jodi Lin Johnson Litmon1988
Joshua Barrett
John Murden
Jon Brown1984
Judy Sergeant1986
Katrell James1988
Kevani Moyo2000
Kenneth Becker
Kevin Peek1980
Kirt Lee1986
Kurtis Palmer1990
Laura Hazelbaker1980
Mahogany Hughes
Mandy Stevens1999
Mari York1992
Mark Symes1992
Michelle Foster1981
Mona Miller1980
Nick Sichini1981
Nolan Moi2000
Paul Cooper1996
Quentin Calhoun1980
Ralph Hunter1988
Ralph(ie) O'Hare (McClinon)2007
Ramona Cody1987
Raymond Henry
Ricky Page1981
Rob Pennington1986
Robin Frank
Roman Gibson1991
Roni Spears1996
Sarina Rosenthal1989
Scarlett Weithman
Scott Dominion1983
Scott Johnson1985
Shannon Belcher1992
Steven Shearer1983
Suzanne Voss1996
Tammye Dennis1982
Teresa Downey Kempf1983
Tim Williams1980
Todd Mitchell1991
Tommy Brooks2003
Tony Rizzo1982
Traci Lotz1989
Tracy Leininger1985
Tyler Logan Lynn2013
Vanessa Fitzpatrick1982
Wiliam Speed1988
Yelena Landesman2008
Yoseph Hawkins2013
Hannah Robb2009
Tom Green1989
Darryl Dawson1980
Allie Kurtz2011
ReDavis Graham 1979
Kevin Smith1980
Greg Oliver1981 or 1982
Don Blaine1983
Jada Harrison2002

We Remember Teachers, Administrators and Staff

Marvin “Bill” Backus (volunteer)
Don Blaine ’83 (Makeup)
Larry Boyd (Drama)
Bobby Brewer (Art)
David Brown (Security)
Jane Burkhalter (Dance)
Joe “Clarance” Caesar (Drama)
Gregory Chesney (Music)
Michael Chudinski (Drama)
Matthew Cordray (Health/Sex Ed)
Martha Datillo (Office Staff)
Barbara Dehner (First Secretary)
Richard DePrisco (Latin)
Donna Dell (Psychology, Yearbook Advisor)
Elizabeth DiCiaula (Instrumental Music)
Dorothy Dickinson (Instrumental Music)
William Dickinson (Principal)
Reggie Edwards (Security)
John Farrell (Vocal Music/Musical Theater)
Gwen Fields (Counselor)
Donna Francisco (Language Arts)
Betty Fultz (Elementary Resource)
Oscar Gamby (Instrumental Music)
Henry Glover (Art)
Michelle Gwynne (Harp)
Louis Harrison (First Year Principal – Mt. Adams)
Carol Henke (office staff)
Linda Hogg (6th grade teacher)
Marjorie Holtel (History & Government)
Marian Holthaus (Treasurer)
Robert Hoskins (Social Studies)
Scott Humphrey (Technical Theatre)
Helen Keller (Language Arts)
Kay King (Drama)
Frank Lang (Vocal Music)
Bloom Lippmann (Music)
Alma Martin
Margaret (Peggy) Martin (Counselor)
Marie McCarthy (English)
Robert McSpadden (Founder SCPA, The Kings Men, Cincinnati Boychoir, Former CPS Superintendent of Music)
Clara Lee Miller (Counselor)
R. Nathaniel Mitchell (Entertainment marketing)
Audrey Moening (Secretary)
Mary Morse (Teaching Assistant, costuming)
Tom Murray (CPS District Manager -Founder SCPA)
Walter Pool (Vocal Music)
Andre Perdue (Costume Design)
Erv Raible (Co-Founder/Art)
David Richards (Driver Education)
George Edward Riley Sr. (Security)
Oleg Sabline (Dance)
Rochelle (Shelly) Shumacher (History)
Donald Sowell (CPS Superintendent of Art)
Harold Stier (Math)
Joyce Tepper (Art)
Adrienne Thompson (Art)
Carol Trupin (Math)
Isa Turner (Secretary)
Dorthea Ponce Verkamp (Dance, assistant)
Donald Waldrip (CPS Superintendent of Schools)
Donald Walston
Harold Walters (Math)
Wayne Weber (Makeup)
Mark Webb (Math)
Anna Weinstein (Piano)
Firmin Widmer (Math/Physics)

We Remember the Parents and Friends involved with the founding of SCPA and in the establishment of the Friends of SCPA since our first home in Mt. Adams, 1973 – Today!

SCPA Moms & Dads were very active in the founding, building and growth of SCPA including but not limited to: constructing office space, multiple moves (Mt Adams, Roselawn, 1310) , painting, electrical, ticket sales, refreshments, advertising/promotion/marketing, teacher assistance, transportation, set/costume/prop construction, photography/video/audio, bookkeeping, food prep & cleanup, fundraising, audition assistance, and many, many other events and activities where they donated their time, money and energy to ensure the success of the school. Their devotion and commitment to the future funding of SCPA led to the establishment of The Friends of SCPA. The Friends supported the school from 1974-2014. We are forever in their debt for their tireless dedication.

Herbert Smith (Dad, President Friends of SCPA)
Kurt Seybold (Dad, President Friends of SCPA)
Bob Husman (Dad)
Ed Focke (Dad)
EJ (Evelyn Jane) Focke (Mom)
Linwood Riddick (Dad)
Olifta Riddick (Mom)
Woody Weinstein (Dad)
Annette Weinstein (Mom)
Audrey Moening (Mom)
Bill Moening (Dad)
Mary Morse (Mom)
Frank Morse (Dad)
Mary Ellen Lowry (Mom)
Richard Hertzig (Dad)
Frank Sillett (Dad)
Anastiasia Sillet (Mom)
Bob Simpson(Dad)