Meet The SCPA Support Partners

With the official establishment of the NAAcSCPA in 2017, we became partners with the other major funders of SCPA. Together, we represent alumni, the current internal school family and Cincinnati’s corporate and private philanthropists. Together, we all share two major goals:

  • To collectively, close the financial shortfall between the basic Cincinnati Public School’s annual funding and the extra resources demanded to make SCPA a national model for academic and arts education; and, a place where a student’s dreams can become reality.
  • To carefully plan and operate our separate organization’s fundraising
    programs to prevent appealing to and overlapping with one another’s constituencies. While everyone is welcome to provide donations to any of the Partners, direct appeals will be only to the Partners’ constituency.

We are pleased to introduce our two support partners.

  • Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO)
    PTSO provides opportunities for parents, teachers and students to volunteer, to deepen connections between the school and families; and, to raise funds while improving the overall educational environment. PTSO leadership includes:

    Zenobia Landrum, President
    Rhonda Shires, Vice President 7-1
    Stacey Miller, Vice President K-6
    Annette Russ, Co-Treasurer
    Scot Howell, Co-Treasurer
    Andrea Cottingham, Communications Director
    Tiffany Sissoko, Volunteer Director
    Keith DeGreen, Secretary
    Open: Teacher Representative
  • The SCPA Fund
    The SCPA FUND is a non-profit organization created to support the mission of academic and artistic excellence at SCPA. The constituency of The Fund include Cincinnati’s leading corporations and private philanthropists. The SCPA Fund 2018 Board of Directors includes:
    Breta Cooper, President
    Bill Knodel, Vice-President
    Pamela Ginsburg, Secretary
    John O’Connor, Treasurer
    Board of Directors
    Larry Bergman
    Otto M. Budig Jr.
    Kent Cashell
    Colby Chapman
    Nolan Marx
    Holly Brians Ragusa
    Brett Stover
    Kenneth Gibson – NAAcSCPA/Ex-Officio
    Zenobia Landrum – PTSO/Ex-officio
    Dr. Nick Nissley – SCPA/Ex-officio


The GCAEC and The History of The SCPA Fund

The dream and the need to create the new SCPA building came together with the establishment in 1996 of a new philanthropic organization, The Greater Cincinnati Arts and Education Center (GCAEC). Its private and corporate fundraising achieved almost half of the $72 million cost for SCPA’s new home at 108 West Central Parkway in 2010. Once the new facility was completed, the GCAEC leadership chose to continue its support to SCPA by evolving the capital campaign organization into The SCPA Fund.

Today The Fund serves as the philanthropic engine for the school. Tom Klinedinst became Chairperson of the Board of Directors of The SCPA Fund. After his passing, Breta Cooper, was named Chairperson. Ms. Cooper is Executive Vice President of the Manuel D. and Rhoda Mayerson Foundation, one of SCPA’s long-standing supporters.

Photo credit: Rene Micheo