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PLEASE NOTE:  Check the dates and sources for information you consume to ensure it is accurate and reliable. Some links may have passed the window of opportunity. Most of the support listed below effects the states of Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana. Copy and Paste the links if you need them. 


LOCAL Emergency Resources:

Cincinnati Crisis Information Directory

Police/Fire 911

Family Violence Hotline 221-HELP (4357)

Women Helping Women 381-5610 (24 hour hotline)

Lighthouse Crisis Center 961-4080

Rape Crisis and Abuse Center 381-5610

YWCA Alice Paul House 241-2757

Crises & Suicide Hotline ..281-CARE (2273)

Cincinnati Police District #3 263-8300


Hopple Street Health Center 541-4500

Good Sam Free Clinic 513-246-6888

Mobile Crisis Team (Mental Health) 558-8577

The Disaster Distress Helpline, 1-800-985-5990

Mental Health Access Point. 558-8888

Talbert House 853-6575

Social Services/ Assistance

United Way 211

Cincinnati Area Senior Services 721-4330


Homeless Hotline 381-SAFE (7233)


Cincinnati AA Helpline 351-0422

Heroin Hopeline 1-877-695-6333


  1. The Ohio Health Department:

COVID-19 Checklists/Info Sheets:

  1. COVID-19 Hotlines:

Ohio Department of Health COVID-19 hotline: 833-4-ASK-ODH

Kentucky State COVID-19 hotline: 1-800-722-5725

Indiana SDH Epidemiology Resource Center: (317) 233-7125 or (317) 233-1325 after hours, or e-mail

  1. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention:

  • lnfOhio:


  • City of Cincinnati Website- COVID-19 Updates:


  • The World Health Organization- COVID-19 Updates: y-happen



Mental Health:

  • NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) COVID-19 Information and Resources: e-Coronavirus/COVID-19-Updated-Guide-1.pdf?lang=en-US


  • Care for Your Coronavirus Anxiety: wj0Ax13fObWo3tmjvMR5Jb8svgJ4g


  • CDC Stress and Coping during COVID-19:

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255


  • SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) National Lifeline: 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

Mental Health- Children & Families:

  1. Mindpeace:
  1. Parenting Skills/Psychoeducation about Mental Health Issues in Children:
  2. How to Talk to Your Kids about Coronavirus: AR1 LMgXs9YBuBcWCCZAtc4iHsXwyuy5NG SuRyGI-YDTwc6LJWd41 HJ cg PM

  • Children’s Hospital: Psychiatric Intake Response Center (PIRC): 513-636-4124 or


  • National Child Traumatic Stress Network: Parent/Caretaker Guide to Helping Families Cope: factsheet 1.pdf?f bclid=lwAR0JvpBr8YWF1 ih7vpNUANp7E45ItQuQFSm0zZpHYE g6-lmXRVpsNcsMpc


  • Child Mind Institute- Coping with Stress and Anxiety, Behavior Management Strategies


  • 30 Games and Activities to Teach Self-Regulation:


  1. NPR Online Resource to Teach Kids About the Coronavirus (Comic+ Written Description)­ exploring-the-new-coronavirus

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga (mindfulness practice):


Support for Individuals with Disabilities:

  1. Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Resources and Guides: 9-support
  2. Autism Society of America’s online Resource list 2f94-6b65-ea 11-a94c-00155d03b5dd&emdi=f5f1 f2b8-9065-ea 11-a94c-00155d03b5dd& ceid=756736


  • Planet Fitness (via Facebook Live):


Free streaming workouts for everyone regardless if you are a member or not! 7pm nightly on Facebook Live- you can watch later if you miss it. Exercise reduces stress! h-16/19014453/

  • Online workouts from the YMCA:
  • Down Dog Yoga App: Free through April 1st!
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga: Yoga


Substance Use / Recovery:

  • Smart Recovery: – (online meeting options)
  • AA Online Options for pre-recorded recovery speakers and tapes:
  1. PIER Recovery Community Center (phone/online support, based in NKY): (859) 547-6539 EgGa2nKCw3Xi9cguegc6i96SkVWsnD3 RgeEamEkHKpJxlxdk

  • Connections App- Smartphone App to Help with Recovery: NDJpCHMY5PbObRFecs6JAYD1iEVrBVdecpY



Food/Other Assistance:

Many private businesses and restaurants are offering free food/lunches to children and others in their immediate community. Please check with local restaurants to see who may be doing this in your area! I’ll try my best to keep this list updated.

  • United Way hotline- Dial 211 or visit


Call to find updated information about food banks and other assistance in your area.

  • Freestore Foodbank (112 E. Liberty St.)


Food boxes are available from 9:00 am-3:00 pm Monday-Friday to be picked up in the service bay area. Keep it moving folks- no hanging out, grab your box and go!

***Limit 1 box per month- 55 Jb. box to include milk and produce***

  • St. Vincent De Paul (1125 Bank St.)- (food, charitable pharmacy, social services, birth certifi cates/IDs)


Food pantry open M-F 8:00 am-4:30pm.

***Please call 513-421-0602 for all social service requests*** Help/Need Assistance/

Check this website for changes to service delivery: On Changes In Services Due To Health Concerns Around Coronavirus/

  1. The Healing Center Food Pantry (Springdale Vineyard):

Pre-packaged grocery and personal care items available for drive-thru pick-up

Wednesday-Saturday: 9-11 am

Thursday: 6:30p-8pm

  • Cincinnati Public Schools breakfasts and lunches: Meals will be served 3 days a week:


Mondays & Wednesdays: 11 am-1pm (2 breakfast meals, 2 lunch meals)

Fridays: 11 am-1pm (1 breakfast meal, 1 lunch meal) All meals will exceed USDA nutritional requirements.

Check this website for specific pick-up locations: al-pick-sites

  1. Cincinnati Public Libraries:

“Shelf stable, ready to eat meals will be distributed on Monday-Friday at the following times and locations, and can be taken home or to another location.” All libraries are currently closed.

  • 12-1 pm: Elmwood Place, Groesbeck, Madisonville, North Central, Reading and Main Library
  • 2-3 pm: Avondale, Bond Hill, College Hill, Pleasant Ridge, West End, and Westwood
  • 4-5 pm: Corryville, Covedale, Deer Park, St. Bernard, and Walnut Hills wCojkw5WoYnpjSZLcj5Wr3IXV–3DUzDWWuSWbOCMCblzDEHgLXQwrw

  1. Ohio Department of Education- Map of School Meal Distribution Sites: e-Child-Nutrition

  • Red Rose Jems Pizzeria (5915 Hamilton Ave, College Hill, 513-620-7673)

4:00 pm-6:00 pm, M-F. Free pizza meal for kids, fresh fruits and vegetables for families.

  • Revive City Church- (distributing outside of Dater Montessori- 2840 Boudinot) Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday – 11 :30 am-1:00 pm

Power packs, personal care bags and some pantry items that are available to families and/or individuals whoever needs it to drive through, grab, and go

  1. Hamilton County Job and Family Services Updates (continually updated)

-Info about unemployment benefits, Child Protective Services (family visits, child support, foster services), Assistance programs (SNAP, Cash Assistance, PRC funds), and General resources

  1. CVS Updates on Insurance Coverage + Medication Access + Medication Delivery: -outbreak

  1. Walgreens:

Waiving delivery fees for all eligible prescriptions: r-action-to-support-customers-duri ng-covid-19-pandem ic.htm

  1. Find Help:

Enter your zip code to filter resources locally. PLEASE CALL AHEAD to learn about specific hours of operation/eligibility requirements

Women and Babies: 

Cradle Cincinnati:


**Per Aftab Pureval on 3/13/2020: The Hamilton County Courthouse is limiting public access and suspending evictions for the next 30 days. Here is some more info about court related adjustments: -limit-court-operations/5046231002/?fbclid= lwAR1 UEaYWmEn iCigBIAc0B8g88IfuzL3 hU0HiWEnmlRPHvh2IaH Fs6I-M

***Duke Energy and Cincinnati Water Works are suspending all disconnections and shut-offs for the time being. nati-water-works-suspending-disconnection/5044367002/

***The Federal government will “temporarily suspend the interest it collects on student loans during the coronavirus pandemic, and federal lenders will let borrowers suspend their student loans and loan payments without penalty for the next 60 days (starting 3/13/2020).”

Contact your loan servicer online or by phone to take advantage­ interest-allows-payment-delays-during-coronavirus-pandemic.html?utm medium=social &utm campaign=clevelanddotcom sf&utm source=facebook&fbclid= lwAR0ypblvJzi1roJ 3h9TUylylsx5w0E6fnugQGgdL8-mDetG-4TikUgFDZg0

  1. COVID-19 Regional Response Funds: or call 1-866-211-9966

News story about this fund- check for updates: al-response-fund-to-help-people-hurt-financially-by-pandemic?fbclid= lwAR0g 2c TU4855IaYPSU 1 TKkQcAucfWXnreE8BdwEn2bjAdUmnLKg8AluVWA

  • Apply for Unemployment: (2000180- Mass lay-off number to use when applying)


Per Governor Dewine:

    • Individuals quarantined by a health professional or by their employer are considered to be unemployed and will not be subject to the requirement to actively seek work.
    • Companies that determine it necessary to temporarily shut down operations will also be eligible to seek unemployment.

The 1-week waiting period prior to receiving benefits is being waived. The requirement that recipients actively search for work while receiving benefits has been waived.

Processing Centers where filed claims are sent (includes contact info):

Must know the last 4 digits of your social security number. The left side of the chart has ranges of numbers- find where yours fits and follow the chart to the right to find the phone number of the processing center that is handling your claim.

Check the status of an unemployment claim:

System is often overloaded- check back frequently

Frequently asked questions about unemployment during COVID-19:

HCJFS Guide to Filing for Unemployment:

  1. HCJFS (Hamilton County Job & Family Services):

***In-person interviews and work requirements are currently suspended for public assistance programs***

  • Prevention, Retention, and Contingency (PRC) Funds:


    • Once-a-year support to Hamilton County residents with custody of a child. PRC is available for families with income under 200% of the poverty level ($43,440 for a family of three). PRC money can be used to help pay for baby items, gas cards, bus passes, utility bills and more. Learn more and apply here:
      • ntingency-funds

  • SNAP (Supplemental Food Assistance Program/Food Stamps):


      • New recipients can apply online or call 513-946-1000 (expect to wait on hold)

      • Current Consumers can call 1-844-640-6446 between 8 a.m. and noon each business day and we will ensure their case is certified timely with no break in assistance.

  • Cash Assistance:


      • For Temporary Assistance to Needy Families TANF assistance (cash), the agency looks at the last 30 days of income but takes into account income changes reported by the client and, once verified, uses that to determine projected income.

  • Bartender Emergency Assistance Program:


  • COVID-19 Artist Resources (musicians, authors, freelancers, etc.): 9Hy6XScjtWfs7 -JgVZlihNM/mobilebasic?fbclid=lwAR2KrSilylrUGDZX6DMZj4mBX2PJ23wXk6nJ LXo1HBBNHNs58EYggeTOtS8


  • Anonymous Was a Woman: Emergency Grants for Female Artists Over 40 in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis 4?fbclid=lwAR25Q VzPnEF98wUZ7bPJEEunj4WWA8sCZ8ugu73NLyCZxliudjx­ AUcT0g

  • The Ohio Department of Commerce’s Division of Liquor Control: All bars and restaurants may return unopened high proof liquor products that have been purchased within the past 30 days to offset financial losses. Contact them at 877-812-0013, or

Internet Access:

  • Comcast: Two months of free service to new customers-

  • AT&T: Several offerings, namely “Access from AT&T Program”  https://about. att. com/pages/COVI D-19. html

  • Spectrum: Free internet access for 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students­ Call 1-844-488-8395 to enroll in the program.

Installation fees are waived for new student households, other eligibility requirements are applied (ex. cannot have an outstanding balance)

Resources for Spanish Speakers:

  • Catholic Charities SW OH (includes Su Casa Hispanic Center and AccuracyNow Language Services):


Interpretation for people whose first language isn’t English, bilingual mental health counseling, emergency assistance for those who are Spanish speaking. Services are being adjusted to accommodate as many people as possible while also working to protect public health. or (513) 241-7745

  • Daily Schedule of online/learning options (IN SPANISH): yxxxw/edit?fbclid=lwAR0TYIBgZSUjazydr0rPJPhLO cWIBgiwQHjPu8EP4JSEpV7IfQey WW2N3A

Tips for Home-Schooling & Remote Learning:

  1. Julie Bogart- Home-Schooling Guru: lid=lwAR3ilHVH RmNwD2hCOuWWMz2oUSsnXYY9waemmraAA 71u 1 mjwXv7cR FfuN6A

  • Wide Open School: Free online resource to support families and educators who are transitioning to remote learning as a result of the coronavirus.
  • Cincinnati Public Schools Remote Learning: Remote Learning Access and Information!
  • CPS TV: Cincinnati Public Schools recently launched CPS TV. The community access features recorded online lessons presented by CPS teachers, along with other educational programming from zoos, libraries and museums. Info below.
Kentucky Career Center – Unemployment Insurance
Center for Disease Control FAQ
How to Make a Face Mask (CDC)
Northern Kentucky Health Dept. Coronavirus Updates
Hamilton County Public Health Website