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We’re here!
After more than 40 years, The Alumni Association has arrived!
Now, it is time to join together to secure our Family bonds for all time.

In brief, because the mission of the Alumni Association is twofold:

  • To serve the alumni
  • To provide financial and volunteer support to SCPA

Building a competent Alumni Association will help us ensure that we are able to carry out the Association’s mission.

Your annual membership fee ($40 or less) will support the Association’s daily operations: governance, administration, finance, marketing, development, and alumni event programming. These are the elements that will ensure a competent, long-lasting Association. A strong Alumni Association will in turn help ensure the long-term success of SCPA.

Membership dues for recent SCPA graduates are waived for the first 18 months. From 18 months to 4 years after graduation, dues are set at a reduced annual rate of $20.


First 18 months after graduation: $0/year
18 months – 4 years after graduation: $20/year
After 4 years: $40/year

So, why join? To enjoy the programs and services the Association will provide you and your class as it begins raising significant money for the school.

We are pleased that there is a place for everyone who believes in the life and growth of our Alumni Association and, in turn, the life of SCPA.

Welcome to our official family organization!

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