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Get Active! Join a Committee:

All membership levels are welcome to join one of the Standing Committee and their subcommittees that are responsible to the Board of Directors, as per the Association Bylaws. To join, please send your name and what you want to participate in to:

Also, let us know of programming suggestions you believe would have broad alumni appeal!

Finance/Budget/Administration Committee

Members of the FBA Committee will be responsible for the fiscal policies, processes and daily operational functions of the Association. The Committee will construct and monitor the budget, the daily administrative structure and office processes, database management and staff. All policies and procedures will be conducted as per the Association Bylaws, IRS regulations and in compliance with nationally recognized policies for ethical and legal accounting practices.

Marketing/Communication Committee

Members of the M/C Committee will be responsible for mass media communication using print and electronic methods and activities that tell of and reflect the Association values and beliefs, actions, individual member stories, group activities, Board actions, fundraising efforts. This written communication and programming of the Committee will reflect the core brand of the Association, that is, all that the Association values and how it achieves those values in service of the Association’s mission.

Development Committee

Members of the Development Committee will design and execute the fundraising program and projects of the Association in compliance with best practices of professional and ethical fundraising policies. This Committee will also be responsible for adequate stewardship of donors and donor- prospects.

Alumni Engagement Committee

Members of the Alumni Engagement Committee will design and execute the connections with the various generations of our Alumni family.

Programming Sub-Committee (Marketing and Communications)