Engagement Survey

SCPA Alumni,

Let your voice be heard! How can we better our Alumni Association?

We want to hear from you about how we can better ourselves as an organization! Please take the time to fill out this short engagement survey below!

Link to survey: https://forms.gle/aPvBqQimtxZfKPAu8

This survey is about your involvement with our SCPA Alumni Association. Please read and answer the questions with honest feedback so our Alumni Board can serve you better based on the data you provide.  All submitted answers are completely anonymous and will not be shared outside of the Alumni Board of Directors and it’s Committees. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

We are excited to hear back from our Alumni community and look forward to using your responses to serve you better in the future.


National Alumni Association of the Cincinnati
School for Creative & Performing Arts (NAACSCPA)