Board Qualifications

Please consider being a candidate for election to one of the open seats on the Association Board of Directors. Send your resume and your reasons for wanting to serve to:

There are several positions available for Board of Directors. Terms are limited to 3 years.

Position Title: Member, Board of Directors

A. Board Qualifications:

a. Must be an active dues paying Alumni Member.
b. Previous volunteer experience and/or commitment to Cincinnati SCPA and commitment to the mission and bylaws of NAAcSCPA.
c. Life and professional experiences that would add credibility to the NAAcSCPA Board of Directors (i.e. the arts, business, management, legal, finance, public relations, event planning, writing, communications, technology management and fundraising).
d. Willing and able to strengthen and influence relationships with the alumni, the Association and the School through volunteer and/or philanthropic participation
e. Time and desire to understand and work the roles, functions and responsibilities of being a member of the Board of Directors.

B. Board Responsibilities: (Legal duties as described by Ohio Attorney General/Ohio Revised Code Section 1702):


  • Set policies for the functioning of the organization
  • Attend and participate in Board meetings
  • Chair one Standing Committee
  • Provide oversite of total operation to ensure that the Association’s purposes are fulfilled efficiently and its operations are following sound business and fiduciary/trust standards
  • Knowing the facts, analyzing the probable result of Board actions, exercising sound judgment and keeping records, all fulfill the Duty of Care.


  • The duty of loyalty requires that the interest of the Association and its objectives take precedence over a board member’s personal interests or those of family or friends.
  • The Board shall establish a Conflict of Interest policy and statement to be signed by the members of the Board


  • The duty of compliance is a duty to be faithful to the purpose of the Association and its mission; and, to adhere to the governing documents and bylaws.


  • Board members are responsible for the financial stability and accountability of the Association by establishing procedures to operate in a fiscally responsible manner. This responsibility includes the establishment of prudent fundraising goals, systems, accountability and proper stewardship to donor gift intention.