Administrative Offices:

PO Box 40215
Cincinnati, OH 45240-0215

National Headquarters:

The SCPA Alumni Association
108 W. Central Parkway
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Board Member/Committee Contacts:

Semion Androne ’91.(Treasurer)
William T Chaney ’79 (Scholarship Chair)
Rannie McCants ’12 (Secretary)
Lynn Fredrick Hawley ‘89 (Development Co-Chair) 

Stephanie Jetter ‘83
Joshua Trotter ‘14 (President)
Aaron Zlatkin ’91
Neatra Lockett-Foreman ’95

Criag Hartl-Rangel Bahia ’11 
Robyn Rex Cassidy ‘82 (Marketing and Communications Chair) 
Douglas Ball ‘82

Dana Bradley ‘82 (Vice President) (Governance Chair)

Jamaica Gilliam ‘11 (Alumni Engagement Chair)

Ari DeWolf ’09 (Development Co-Chair)

Contact us for more info on Volunteering, or any and all general comments/questions: